Brandon Smith: It’s all About Dissent – not Disinformation

Broadcast Running Time: 28:41

The disinformation board has been paused, but the need to create it in the first place is more about being afraid of dissent, not disinformation. Back with us today is Brandon Smith (, Founder of the Alternative Market Project. He shows us how the natural evolution of the left seems to have gone from supporting all free speech no matter what to now demonizing free speech – especially if it goes against their narrative. He looks at what the endgame is for those on the left and on the right.

Reuben & Antonio Johnson: A Miraculous Reunion

Broadcast Running Time: 40:54

Back with us today is our (normally) Ukraine-based expert Reuben Johnson along with his son, Antonio. They recount the harrowing details of what Antonio went through to locate his father during Reuben's capture by Russian marauders.  They also give an insider's look at the 'fog of war' and discuss the real story regarding the terrible situation in Ukraine.

John Loeffler: Similar Rhetoric from Across the Years

Broadcast Running Time: 22:23

John flies solo today, digging deep into the archives of media history to play a speech given in 1938 by American politician Lewis Schwellenbach (D-WA). Why is he playing this speech? To show the similarities and differences between what happened with Hitler overrunning Austria in 1938 and what Putin is doing in Ukraine today. There are many similarities with what politicians and the media were saying then and now. The primary difference is that today, we are far more connected globally and unable to take an isolationist stance like we could back then. It's important to learn lessons from history and apply them to today.

Broken Schools are Run by Those Who Broke Them

Broadcast Running Time: 01:19:29

If you put your kids in secular, atheist, Marxist seminaries (aka public schools), don't be surprised when you get secular, atheist, Marxists out. What is the best alternative? First up this week, we welcome Chaplain E. Ray Moore (, Co-Founder of Frontline Ministries. He describes what his organization is doing to get children out of public education and into private, Christian schools. He reveals his opinions on vouchers, charter schools, and running for school boards. He also urges pastors to get off the sidelines and defend the truth and biblical education. What would America's founding fathers say about the state of not only education, but our entire country today? Joining us is author Steven Rabb (, who just wrote a book describing how everything the founders warned us against is now happening. There is a constant end running of the Constitution by those in the swamp who strenuously fight against reform. This has resulted in the chaos we're now seeing. How do we stop it? Return to the founders' idea of what the United States should be. Finally this week, we dive into the future of the world's economy. Will it be full of digital currency and the problems that come with it? Joining us to chat about that is Chris Brady (, Founder and CEO of Life Platform. He looks at the future of Bitcoin, the plans of the world's central banks and the inevitable rollout of debt to create digital currencies. He also examines the dangers of going with a digital currency, especially the tracking aspect and the programmability standards.

Dr. Russ White: Solutions to Subjective Algorithms

Broadcast Running Time: 34:45

Most everyone knows that social media companies are censoring conservative output. There are a variety of ways this is done. Joining John today in what is always a fun and fascinating conversation is infrastructure expert Dr. Russ White ( He and John discuss a variety of topics, including machine-learning algorithms, the publisher vs platform debate, and the arbitrary allocation of posts as 'violent' or 'hate' speech. They even dive into the topic of pre-crime and the strange aspect of enforcing free speech – how exactly do you do that? Dr. White offers solutions that should be implemented to allow free expression across the board.

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