Homeland Insecurity


Don Fotheringham (www.jbs.org) of the John Birch Society has been touring the country lecturing on the constitutional violations contained in homeland security legislation. He also looks at things the US has done to make the Islamic world mad at us.

Avi Lipkin (www.vicmord.com) checks in for a look at the probable outcomes of Israel’s upcoming election in January and the effect this will have on the situation in the Middle East.

John’s boralogue examines all of the intelligence chatter on the international grapevine lately.


Stumbling Toward an Omega Point – 48 min.

Stumbling Toward an Omega Point – 48 min.John Loeffler spoke at the Koinonia Institute Strategic Perspectives International Conference in October of 2014.

Why do events today eerily remind us of the perils of yesteryear? For over a hundred years Progressives have incrementally changed society through the dialectic process. John connects the events and influences of the past century to today and projects the state of society in the march toward an eventual omega point.

Available on DVD, MP4 and MP3 Download.

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