Dereliction of Duty


Another rip-snortin’ show today.

9/11 happened because the US failed to take out Osama bin Laden when it had the chance. Why? President Clinton was playing golf. It also turns out the Pres lost the nuclear launch codes. Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson (USAF ret. — “Dereliction of Duty”) guests.

By the way, how are the new reinforced cockpit doors? Awful. They can be easily rammed off their hinges using an airline beverage cart and the effort to arm pilots is going slowly. John Lott (“The Bias Against Guns”) guests.

The sexual revolution was a product of the mind of Alfred Kinsey, whose books made claims regarding “normal” human sexuality. But it turns Kinsey was a homosexual who used pedophiles and sex-crimes prisoners to molest children while he watched. Dr. Judith Reisman (, author of “Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences,” fills in the details.

John’s boralogue covers persecution news from around the world.


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