The Wolf in the Sheepfold


Education researcher Sarah Leslie ( and exposes the campaign to force homeschoolers back into the public school fold using carrots, sticks and alleged conservatives who act as wolves in sheep’s clothing.

John’s boralogue examines the three stages of the “slippery slope” all morality takes once absolute guidelines are ignored, even for an ostensibly good purpose.


Education Extravaganza Disc – Over 32 Hours!

Education Extravaganza Disc – Over 32 Hours!Get this special education set loaded onto a single DVD disc with just about everything we’ve ever done on education from Common Core to homeschooling.

This set includes:

20 Full length shows in .mp3 format

130035 08/31/2013 The Common Core Curriculum
130021 05/25/2013 Religious Freedom Needs Defending
130006 02/09/2013 Dealing with Disconnects – Politics to Science
120043 10/27/2012 How Do You Deal with Oxymorons When you Meet Them?
120013 03/31/2012 Spending the Week in Court
120004 01/28/2012 Geopolitics Education and History
110050 12/10/2011 Making Global Citizens of Public School Students
110022 05/28/2011 Backward to Global Education
110005 01/29/2011 Reform That Isn’t Reform
110004 01/22/2011 Standing in the Storms to Come
100030 07/24/2010 Living in Two Worldviews
100028 07/10/2010 Missionaries with Mixed Metaphors
090049 12/05/2009 Why People Are Upset with Government
090034 08/22/2009 The Little Country that Could
070032 08/11/2007 Sexual Liberation is Backfiring
060049 12/09/2006 Emergent Church & PC Thinking
060044 11/04/2006 Dancing with the Dialectic
050016 04/16/2005 The Truth about Tolerance
050015 04/09/2005 To Escape a Worldview
030025 06/21/2003 The Wolf in the Sheepfold

DVD Video (.mp4):

Critical Thinking in an Age of Deceit (45 min.)
The Road Back (64 min.)
The Road Back Extended Version – 2 Disc set (100 min.)


Worldview Wars – 5 hour teaching set (.mp3)

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