A 1948 Plane Crash & Homeland Security


Witness an action-packed show today! First a check-in with Calvary Chapel Dixon, California (www.ccdixon.org) to see how their fight for a right to a place of worship is going.

Then Tim Lynch from the Cato Institute (www.cato.org) links events from a 1948 military plane crash to Homeland Security today. As economies decline everywhere and governments raise taxes as far as the eye can see, the European Union is miffed that its citizens want to protect their wealth from confiscation, so it wants the US to play along in a grab-it-back scheme. Eric Rahn from Cato guests.

Finally, “conservative” President George Bush is dragging us back into left-wing globalist UNESCO, which is promoting pagan pantheism in the nation’s schools. Bill Jasper from the New American (www.thenewamerican.com) guests. The show filled up so fast, John skipped the boralogue this week.


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