The US vs EU Constitutions


As socialism is collapsing economies everywhere…just look at California…the proposed EU constitution seems to enshrine it in sacred law; perhaps the future of global governance. William Niskanen of the Cato Institute ( guests.

Closure for the families of 911 seems to be slow in coming but a novel by Karen Kingsbury ( seems to be helping.

Finally Professor Lawrence Roberge ( is back with a review of the lessons learned from Y2K, and what that knowledge can do to help prepare sanely for the eventuality of more terrorism.


Constitutional Amendments and Bill of Rights Series

Constitutional Amendments and Bill of Rights SeriesWhat are the Amendments to the Constitution and why are they crucial to a free society? How did the United States struggle to declare and protect these statutes? In an 18 episode series in the fall of 2014, John interviewed constitutional attorney Michael Connelly on the 27 amendments to the U.S. Constitution; The first ten being the Bill of Rights.

Follow the discussion over several months as we enumerate and elucidate these basic rights and laws that govern our uniquely American society. Will we as a people have the resolve to protect these rights and preserve the founders’ intentions for a truly free and self governing Republic?

Michael Connelly is the Executive Director of the U.S. Justice Foundation ( and

Available formats:
  • 2 Audio CDs – 101 min.
  • Full-Length MP3 Download – 101min. – 48Mb.
  • Zip file containing 19 individual MP3s – 96Mb.
  • MP3 Disc and MP3 USB Flash Drive (4GB)
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