Eminent Domain: An Offer You Can’t Refuse


Busy today. First we examine eminent domain abuse running rampant around the country where governments are seizing property and giving it to other private parties. Attorney Bert Gall from the Institute for Justice (www.ij.org) is on deck for that.

The Russians have rejected the Kyoto treaty but does that mean it’s dead? Dr. Fred Singer of the Science and Environmental Policy Project (www.sepp.org) says no. Expect the Son of Kyoto because too many jobs are tied up keeping the myth of global warming alive. Finally New York Post reporter examines the life and death of FBI terrorism expert John O’Neill.

John’s boralogue today examines the unacceptable statement that people “don’t have any choice” when confronted with immoral laws. He also examines the fact that universities are not centers of intolerance: dissenting students and professors need not apply.


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