Jesus in Beijing


Despite decades of intense persecution, Christianity is growing dramatically at a rate that can’t be controlled by the communist government. This is changing the social and political fabric of China. Former Time Magazine Beijing Bureau Chief, David Aikman, guests.

When former Secretary of the Treasury, Paul O’Neill, came into office, he commissioned two economists to find out if the nation could pay its future liabilities. The resulting study was so shocking the Bush administration spiked it and O’Neill was fired. Why? There is an impossible $44 trillion abyss between the government’s income and its unfunded liabilities, which grows by more than $1.5 trillion a year. No politician wants to handle this short-fused time bomb, which will explode when the baby boomers retire in less than five years.

Economist Larry Kotlikoff of Boston University is crying “foul” and says Americans need to know what the real financial condition of the government is, especially as regards retirement and Medicare. John does an analysis of the Geneva Accord and the latest proposals for peace in the Middle East.


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