With President Bush being out-Foxed in Mexico and hundreds of drug runners and illegals crossing private property every night along the border, why is a group of property owners defending themselves branded as extremist?  Jack Foote of Ranch Rescue ( www.ranchrescue.com ) guests.

Then Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America is back revealing the IRS’s latest effort to muzzle what his organization can tell its members.

Shawn Macomber from American Spectator ( www.spectator.org ) analyzes how both conservatives and liberals were badly taken by a Muslim organization, which had active ties with terror groups.

Finally, after two million deaths in 15 years, negotiations are finally, underway in the Sudan for peace between Muslims, Christians and Animists.  It’s largely due to the efforts of a Christian ministry in Texas.  George Neumayr guests.  John’s boralogue makes some dire predictions about the coming economic war between federal state and local governments in the U.S. and their citizens.


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