The Mystic Side of Mel Gibson


Mel Gibson’s inspiration to produce his controversial “Passion” movie came from the writings of an 18th Century mystic, stigmatic nun. Our guest is Hurd Baruch, author of “Light on Light, Illuminations of the Gospel of Jesus Christ from the Mystical Visions of the Venerable Anne Catherine Emmerich.”

In the last part of the first hour we briefly revisit the issue of civil forfeiture by speaking with the president of a non-profit organization for disadvantaged youth, who had $75,000 seized at an airport under the allegation it was involved with drug trafficking.

Finally, another switchback in the “proofs” of evolution. Scientists tell us we now know we’re not related to Neanderthals after a century and a half of trying to convince us they were ancestors in our evolutionary history. Ron Rhodes, author of “The 10 Things You Should Know about the Creation vs. Evolution Debate,” is our guest for the last part of the show.


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