Shining You on Silver


With a severe worldwide silver shortage looming, the scandal threatens to go public because the same silver is being sold over and over again to different buyers. If everyone stands for delivery at the same time, surprise surprise, the markets won’t be able to deliver. Dave Morgan ( forecasts the brewing storm.

CBS recently produced a series of reports associating homeschooling with child abuse. We’ll check on the fallout reports with guest Paul Chesser of the John Locke Foundation. (

Finally, secularists love attacking the crusades as an example of Christian atrocity. They fail to mention that the crusades were a reaction to Islam’s two-century, violent invasion of the post-Roman Christian world, destroying Christian civilization in Africa and spreading through Spain to Tours, France, and through the Balkans to Vienna, Austria. Ted Byfield ( returns as guest.

John’s boralogue answers a non-Catholic listener request to explain the Stations of the Cross and their relation to Mel Gibson’s Passion movie.


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