Manifesto for a New World Order


Not everyone is happy how the New World Order is shaping up; they perceive it as a “big boys” phenomenon of unelected organizations with no common mandate. But they don’t see national sovereignty as the answer either. So now what? George Monbiot, author of “Manifesto for a New World Order,” joins the show to explain their thought.

A bill has passed the Canadian Parliament adding hate speech protection to sexual orientation. A test case between the courts and Christianity now seems inevitable. Brian Wilkie from Evangelical Fellowship of Canada ( is on deck for this one.

John’s boralogue examines the quantity of U.S. debt owned by foreign powers and what this means, especially since China may be facing a looming currency crisis. Later on we run a clip from Senator Zell Miller (D-Ga) that is surprisingly candid about the current dilapidated role of the Senate.


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