The Line in the Sand


After last week’s program on “dealing with dissenters” opposing growth programs in their churches, plus religious groups marching in lock step with various political policies, we really need to examine how so many Christians can be duped into going along with agendas they know nothing about.

A nine-year-old interview with Pastor Erwin Lutzer of Moody Church in Chicago about his book, “Hitler’s Cross,” provides an eye- opening portrait of how Germany’s churches were paralyzed or duped into supporting the Nazi Agenda, which relates to issues the church deals with today.

Some of you wanted a young-earth viewpoint on the last ice age as a contrast with our old-earth guest Robert Felix, who appeared on December 14, 2003, predicting the onset of another ice age.? James Nienhuis ( ) joins us for the last part of the show.

John’s boralogue examines the claims that the war on terror is defending freedom, while those prosecuting it seem determined to justify trampling those same freedoms they claim to be defending.


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