Unending Wars for Unknown Objectives


The first part of today’s program features another vignette on the history of the modern Middle East with a look at the record of relations between Israel and Europe.  Howard Sachar, professor emeritus from George Washington University, and author of “Israel and Europe,” guests.

The War on Drugs has numerous lessons to teach about the problems of ongoing, blurry wars, which have confusing objectives and never achieve their goals.  The drug war has left a trail of constitutional wreckage in its wake with thousands filling jails for possession and no noticeable curtailment of the flow of drugs. Joel Miller, author of “Bad Trip:  How the War against Drugs is Destroying America,” guests.

Finally we re-run clips from an August, 1998 show with law professor Dr. Floy Lilly at the conference on the International Criminal Court in Rome.  Despite all the congressional promises of the last five years, the U.S. has caved on its promise to protect our troops overseas from the machinations of this politicized court.  Johnny may not come marching home because he’s in The Hague on trial for obeying orders.


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