Al Qaeda’s Connection to Oklahoma City


As the War on Terror’s gun sights shift rapidly towards Iran and the who-knew-what-about-whichever intelligence debate continues, few seem to notice evidence surfacing about Iran’s complicity with Islamic terrorism would have been great in supporting the Bush administration’s claims about Iraq’s involvement with terrorism. So why wasn’t it used? Because it would have opened too many closets with skeletons in Washington going all the way back through the Clinton administration. This one implicates both administrations.

Oklahoma City’s award-winning television reporter Jayna Davis (, author of “The Third Terrorist:  The Middle Eastern Connection to the Oklahoma City Bombing,” joins us for this important show.

John’s boralogue reveals some interesting quotes from Bush administration insiders showing they intended to attack Iraq long before 9/11, which provided the “Pearl Harbor event” (their words) as a pretext to do so.


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