Breast Cancer and Economic Terrorism

We’ve assembled a fast-moving potpourri program for you today.

First, a new study in the British Journal of Cancer confirms that abortion before a full-term pregnancy is a leading indicator of future breast cancer but the medical establishment doesn’t want to admit it.  Karen Malec of the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer ( guests.

Then economic terrorism comes under examination.  There are rogue speculators who can wreak havoc on the currencies of nations and one of them is a close friend of Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY). editor Richard Poe, author of “Hillary’s Secret War,” joins us for a look at the political life of George Soros.

Finally, since another attack on America is probable, especially geared to impede the energy infrastructure, Y2K rules apply.  Craig Smith from Swiss America ( has step by step
things people need to do ahead of time to prepare for emergency

John’s boralogue examines how a Christian denomination’s end-times eschatology determines whether it will be pro-Israeli or pro-Palestinian.


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