Why the Rest Hates the West


As we approach the anniversary of 9/11, despite the necessity of defending ourselves, it’s wise to remember that 9/11 didn’t happen without reason.  The West’s efforts to impose its consensus-based morality on the Islamic world is causing massive resentment. Few Americans see the blackmail and extortion the U.S. exerts to force predominantly Catholic and Muslim countries into accepting abortion, and other international programs, which the residents of those countries view as immoral.  Dr. Meic Pearse, Ph.D, author of “Why the Rest hates the West,” joins us.

“Whites Out!” is the growing cry over much of Africa, including South Africa.  Almost fifteen years ago the U.S. pushed the installment of a Marxist and former terrorist Nelson Mandela as post-apartheid South Africa’s first president.  His successor Thabo Mbeki, a card-carrying communist, has behaved just as one would expect a Marxist to do.  With a soaring crime rate, the West’s Disneyland version of South Africa is fading as the country follows Zimbabwe and slides into economic chaos, land confiscations, racism and possibly genocide. Former South African talk show host Jani Allan guests.

John’s boralogue examines further the ramifications of the U.S.’s massive shortfall in the social security and medicare budgets as we elitists discuss once again former Colorado Governor Richard Lamb’s assertion that the elderly have a “duty to die” and stop taking government money trying to stay alive.


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