Inside the Red Zone


Today’s show begins a program thread of preparing for WMD attacks in your neighborhood.  Ex-Soviet Army doctor Dr. Igor Shafid, MD, ( formerly with the Soviet Strategic Rocket Force, says Americans are woefully unprepared to meet a WMD attack and governments aren’t training them.  As a matter of fact, government won’t be the answer because there won’t be enough government to go around. This will be the first of two shows with Dr. Shafid.

Everyone is grousing about U.S. jobs flooding overseas but few pin the lion’s share of responsibility on trade agreements such as NAFTA.  Now crossing the horizon is NAFTA heavy: FTAA, Free Trade Area of the Americas, which will extend NAFTA to the entire Americas, except Cuba.  Art Thompson ( guests.

John’s boralogue uses lessons learned from Hurricane Frances to highlight simple things people can do to prepare for outages in food, gas and services, which could be cause by WMD attacks. He also analyzes more on the possible existence of red mercury.


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