A Powerful Potpourri


Too much going on to limit the show to one or two topics. That’s why it’s exciting to be in news work.

Robert Ortung from the Russia Regional Report brings us up to date on current changes inside Russia, especially President Vladimir Putin’s re-consolidation of power back toward Moscow, reminiscent of the days of the Soviet Union.

Then Brian Rushfeld of Canada Family Action Coalition (www.familyaction.org) reports on the Royal Bank of Canada’s coercion of employees to accept its policies on homosexuality as well as the Canadian public’s reaction.

Finally, Larry Pratt from Gunowners of America (www.gunowners.org) is back with a close look at draconian legislation working its way through Congress.

John’s boralogue examines the coming oil crunch even if there is surplus oil available somewhere in the world.  Also included is the persecution of Iraqi Christians and other topics.

Commentary in Segment Five examines the military’s experimentation with laser and EMP weapons along with two identical incidents in Great Britain and the U.S. where airliners were “zapped” by bright laser light within a week of each other.  Rumors in Washington about changes after President Bush’s re-election are also covered as well as the potential for civil war in Iraq some time this fall.


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