The Nature of Being Human


A key issue during the election campaign was stem cell research, along with engineering of human DNA and human cloning. We seem to be sliding rapidly into a new eugenics, where designer humans will be produced, while the rest will be told they have a “duty to die.”
Even splicing animal DNA into new hybrid humans is being contemplated. Wesley Smith, fellow with the Discovery Institute in Seattle ( and speaks to the issue.

It seems the elections are indicating that many Christians are disgruntled with being pushed out of the marketplace of ideas. Ted Byfield from the Christian History Project in Canada ( discusses the training of intellectual combatants.

John’s boralogue executes a postmortem on the elections and soberly considers that Republicans will most likely be holding the bag when any number of economic and other crises begin to unravel as the perfect economic storm approaches. We could see a Democratic landslide in 2008.


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