Nuke on a Chain


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Under the table everyone seems to be waiting for another terrorist “incident,” and indications are it may well be nuclear or a combination of nuclear and disruption of infrastructure. Phillip Smith ( is one of two scientists, who have developed a radiation detector that fits on a key chain, who are adamant about the need for civil defense preparation. Phillip maintains that the government is doing nothing to train Americans to deal with disasters in their communities and points listeners to what they can do.

Small principled people make a difference in a time of crisis. Few people have ever heard of a Portuguese diplomat by the name of Susa Mendes, but he made a tremendous difference for thousands of Jews during World War II. Historian Dr. Steve Carol, Ph.D., rejoins the program this weekend before Thanksgiving for a look at the life of this dynamic man.

John’s boralogue reviews the chess moves being made by the new Bush administration and reveals what they will probably mean for the immediate future. He also runs clips documenting that something actually went wrong at that first Thanksgiving dinner.


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