Not Ready for RU-486?


Well once again, a drug that was approved by the FDA on a fast- track political basis rather than a scientific one turns out to have serious side effects, like death. The FDA has tacitly admitted that by putting new warnings on the morning-after pill, RU-486, only after several people have died. Yet the side effects were well-known before the drug was approved, in an abbreviated process usually reserved for AIDS and cancer patients. Professor Lawrence Roberge, chairman of the Science Department at Goodwin College (, did all this research years ago and predicted the results would be disastrous.

There’s another movie about sex-researcher ,Kinsey but the PC crowd still won’t admit that Kinsey’s “normal” American subjects were sex offenders in prison, pimps, prostitutes and pedophiles. An interview we did with Dr. Judith Reisman, author of “Kinsey, Sex and Fraud, ( in November of 1991 is as valid today as it was then.

John’s boralogue examines the horrible philosophical conundrum that liberals have boxed themselves into as some Democrats are talking about reinventing the party.


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