Christianity Bashing as a Sport


Busy program today. First we jump to the UK to examine England’s latest media sport: Christianity bashing, which sport is conflicting with a new hate speech law proposed in Parliament. Both the Christians and anti-Christians don’t want it. Chris Munday guests.

Then we look at new research which reveals that children with ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder) have abnormal brain pathways between sections of the brain. Dr. Manzari Ashtari, PhD, Associate Professor of Radiology and Psychiatry at the North Shore Long Island Jewish Health Center is a guest for this segment. This study may become a watershed in the controversy as to whether or not ADHD is a genuine nervous system disorder.

Finally we devote a part of the program to an interview with Dr. Jane Orient of Doctors for Emergency Preparedness ( and how to keep a cool head when everyone is losing theirs during emergencies.

John’s boralogue ties together euthanasia in Holland with a call by a member of Britain’s Parliament for the elderly to eliminate themselves from society to the death of social programs in the west. The culture of death is beginning to metastasize worldwide.


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