The Slow Death of Environmentalism


Environmentalism was initially launched by idealists who genuinely wanted to “save the planet,” but very rapidly married into socialism as an economic system and pantheism as a theology.

Environmentalism has run rough shod over property owners and the constitution for years but now a slow backlash is building that may signal the end of environmentalism as we have known it.

Henry Lamb ( joins us to discuss the latest efforts to revive Kyoto in the U.S. Then G.B. Oliver ( updates us on the Wayne Hage case, which has made startling inroads to halting uncompensated taking of ranching and farming property.

Avi Lipkin ( does a projection of this year’s prognosis for peace in the Middle East but don’t hold your breath.

John’s boralogue examines the beginning of the slow end of environmentalism as we have known it.


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