The Emerging Healthcare Crisis


Today’s program features the first in a series of segments on issues confronting the healthcare industry, which is heading into a crisis other than the financial situation every one talks about. The medical profession has hemmed itself into its own scientific naturalism, causing doctors to ignore cures just because they’re not politically correct. Dr. Chris Hussar, both a doctor and a dentist, joins us for a look at how healthcare actually does things which harm patients.

Then we continue the conversation begun last week with former British MI-5 Agent, David Shayler, regarding the danger of unaccountable secrecy in government, especially in a time of unending war.

John’s boralogue examines the worldview assumptions behind the question news commentators asked after the Tsunami disaster:
“If there is a loving God, how could He allow such evil?” Hint: secularists keep stealing the Christian definition of what good and evil is.


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