The Death of Feminism


Gradually more and more women are rejecting the claims of modern feminists and choosing to stay home to raise their children. The feminists are fuming. Suzanne Venker, author of “Seven Myths of Working Mothers, why Children and Most Careers Just Don’t Mix,” guests in the first hour.

In Hour Two, a conversation begins with health writer Bill Sardi ( as part of the ongoing series on the nation’s looming healthcare crisis. Bill looks at both problems and solutions.

John’s boralogue introduces the feminism issue and following Suzanne Venker, John adds a brief history of feminism with its roots in the Industrial Revolution and the Second Great Awakening. Both of these trends resulted in both modern feminism and the effeminization of the church today.

In response to emails from listeners, we haven’t forgotten the Fatima issue. We’re chewing through a lot of material before going ahead with it.


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