The Truth about Tolerance


Another Fannie Mae scandal broke out last week. As it turned out they can’t account for quite a large amount of missing money. Treasury Secretary John Snow got involved in damage control, which means it’s really bad; just another part of the perfect financial storm waiting to blow and the housing market has to go sooner or later. Addison Wiggin from the Daily Reckoning ( joins us.

Who stole tolerance? Tolerance isn’t tolerant and diversity isn’t diverse. They’re both being used to club or silence people with politically incorrect ideas and killing truth in the process. Dr. Brad Stetson, Ph.D., author of “The Truth about tolerance,” appears next on the program to unravel how politically incorrect people are being had.

Finally, we pick up the interview we began last week with Bruce Shortt, author of “The Harsh Truth about Public Schools,” examining the rationalizations Christian parents use to avoid confronting the fact that government schools indoctrinate with a curriculum that is hostile to their faith.

John’s boralogue comments (among other things) on the 10th anniversary of the bombing of the Murrah Office Building in Oklahoma City.


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