The Long Emergency


Well it’s summertime and we’re following a time-honored Steel on Steel tradition by taking some weekends off. But, we try to keep our pledge that if you’re going to take the time to listen, we’re not going to waste your time.

So, we’ll aggressively pursue a thread we began a while back, analyzing converging economic, geopolitical and war-on-terror trends that are converging into outcomes that most Americans will find surprising if not devastating. This includes our Year 2000 prediction that we would start to see a lot of crossovers on issues.

Today’s guest is liberal Democrat, James Kunstler, author of a new book entitled, “The Long Emergency.” James describes himself as disgruntled with his fellow liberals, whose views are becoming more and more irrelevant to what is actually going on and the converging crises that are almost upon us.

John’s boralogue connects the bombings in London with the world’s rush towards peak oil and explains why the war on terror will only intensify as the years progress.

P.S. Next week we’ll have Congressman Curt Weldon on discussing his war to get accountability within the U.S. intelligence community.


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