The Next U.S. Terror Targets


Lots of action on the program today.

What do the British think about the bombings in London, especially about the causes? Well judging from “ring-ins” to talk radio there, it’s this whole “Iraq thing” or it’s all Israel’s fault and if the Israeli problem would go away, the Islamic problem would go away as well. Chris Munday reports from London.

Then Congressman Curt Weldon (R-FL) guests to discuss his book, “Countdown to Terror,” documenting the fact that the CIA and other agencies are not taking the steps required to prevent further terrorism, virtually guaranteeing another bigger and better 9/11.

Finally, internet giant Google is apparently assisting the Communist Chinese in tracking down political dissenters and web sites that take a different view from the politically correct line in that country. Eric Jackson guests.

John’s boralogue examines changes in Islamic terrorist speech which indicate that the next terror targets in the U.S. may be large, evangelical, Israel-supporting churches.


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