The Emerging Insurance Scandal


Busy show today….that’s what makes radio fun.

Attorney Chris Klicka joins us from Home School Legal Defense ( for a brief overview of the direction home school is following and the challenges that face it from the educratic establishment.

When you take out an insurance policy, do you have peace of mind, like the companies promote? Think again. Insurance companies are deliberately denying claims they know to be valid to save themselves a lot of money, leaving the policy-holders out in the cold. They even write clauses into their policies making it impossible to sue them for fraud. Attorney Ray Bourhis, author of “Insult to Injury,” ( guests with a report on an emerging insurance industry scandal.

Finally, we do a perspective piece with a former member of the Hitler Youth, Hilmar von Campe (, who sees troubling parallels between today’s trends and what happened to him as a teen.

John’s boralogue rebuts a listener’s email accusing the Israelis of imposing Apartheid and having wrecked the Palestinian economy.


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