The Bank for International Settlements


Time for a connect-the-dots perspective showpiece.

This week President Bush appointed Dr. Ben Bernanke, Ph.D., as the Federal Reserve System’s new chairman to replace Alan Greenspan. More quietly there were ongoing talks in Sonoma, California, following the 24-month track to establish a plan to unify Mexico, the United States and Canada. This includes abolishing the current border arrangements, vis a vis Europe.

Meanwhile, running in the background is a little-understood organization called, the Bank for International Settlements, which is pushing for a new North American currency, called the “Amero” following the collapse or abolition of the dollar. It all ties together. Pat Wood ( joins us for the entire program, which will cover a wide range of interconnecting issues.

John’s boralogue concatenates a string of conceptual ideas that have been driving the modern mindset.

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