Political Correctness is Killing Us


It is interesting how relativism and political correctness impedes people in the West from seeing clearly what is happening before their eyes. So the effects of relativism will be the fulcrum of this week’s program.

With Muslim riots spreading across France this last week, media outlets were straining to avoid the “M” word but it finally became impossible. They had originally chalked them off to time-trusted scapegoats like poverty and racism. Even third-generation French Muslims were referred to as “immigrants,” when they had never lived anywhere else. It struck us interesting that Tony Blankley predicted just such riot in his book, “The West’s Last Chance.” He joins us.

Then we take a look at relativism and the new pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI, who was vocally outspoken against the secularist cancer that had spread across Europe, when he was Cardinal Ratzinger. Michael Rose, author of “Benedict XVI, The Man Who was Ratzinger,” joins us.

Just as we predicted for several years now, huge economic crises are emerging up to at the point confronting the U.S. and the West.
With oil hearings rolling in Congress this week, it’s clear Politicians’ attitudes have ranged from denial to the downright stupid. John’s boralogue points out that Congress and the American people are making all the wrong moves during the opening phases of the crises and are guaranteeing it will be much worse when they bloom into full force.


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