Christmas and the Ark of Hope


Well it seems like the forces of secularism have revved to new highs this year to remove Christmas from the public square. Even elevator Christmas music is almost strictly secular.

So is this part of a long-term trend to ensure that religion is expunged from public life? Actually the opposite true, even if some secularists don’t realize it. A new world religion is being planned by global luminaries such as Mikhail Gorbachev and Bill Clinton, revolving around the Ark of Hope and the Earth Charter. Secularism is simply a transitional stage in the process. Discussion is how to pass the articles of the Earth Charter into law.

Today’s program is a long-term perspective piece and we’re joined by long-term friend Dr. Dennis Cuddy ( to put together the connects.

John’s boralogue takes a brief look at the rising U.S. debt to remind us that we’re still on course for the perfect financial storm.


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