Disinvestment from Israel


Happy New Year everyone!

We’re taking some time off these few holiday weekends so today’s program is a pre-record, but hopefully fulfilling as always.

It is clear that many people in Christian churches are uninformed of the history of the Middle East and why we are in the situation we are in today.

Moreover, major campaigns are running through mainline Protestant denominations to dis-invest from companies located in Israel, ostensibly to force Israel to take down the security wall, which they claim is a form of apartheid. However, these churches are ignoring the historical reasons for the wall, and are falling victim to a small cadre of people in the Middle East whose agenda is far greater than just removing the wall; the ultimate goal is the destruction of the Jewish state.

Dexter van Zile from the Judeo-Christian Alliance (www.judeo-christianalliance.org) joins us to iron some of the misconceptions arising from this situation.

John’s boralogue looks briefly at important stories which have arisen during the holiday.


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