Who’s Watching the Bourse?


The Global Nervousness Index (GNI) is now steadily begun rising after the new year. It’s obvious a short-term showdown — overt or covert — is cooking in the Middle East.

The Iranians are opening up their nuclear reactor and the U.S. isn’t happy. But have you heard about the Iranian Oil Bourse scheduled to come on line in March? It’s the real nuclear bomb, which threatens to destabilize the U.S. dollar worldwide. When Saddam Hussein did the same thing in the Food-for-Oil debacle, the U.S. invaded Iraq. It’s clear something has to give an short order.

Two guests join us on the subject. First Jim Puplava (www.financialsense.com) from the financial Sense Newshour appears for a segment to explain the bourse and its significance. Then Ed Haas from The Muckraker Report(www.teamliberty.net) explains in layman’s detail the far-reaching implications of what the Iranians are doing to the world’s financial markets.

Finally, we’ll go to Jerusalem and Avi Lipkin (www.vicmord.com) for an analysis of the political changes in Israel as well as the fact the terrorist group Hamas is about to be elected to power in Palestine and has said it will sever relations with Israel.

In the light of Judge Samuel Alito’s confirmation hearings this week John’s boralogue examines the importance of habeas corpus and how the War on Terror threatens it.

Seat belts on everyone!


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