Chasing the Radio


Other than the emerging Iran crisis it’s been a slow week. The GNI continues to rise but for now things are stable.

National elections are scheduled for Monday in Canada, but the plans for economically uniting Canada, the U.S. and Mexico plug forward with the citizens of those countries unaware of the process in play, unless it just comes to wondering why the U.S. can’t control its own borders. Carl Teichrib has been monitoring the latest from Manitoba, Canada and joins us for the first part of the program.

Then we’ve been chewing on progressive Democrat James ‘s statement Kunstler that his fellow Democrats are becoming irrelevant, trying to evaluate whether or not that’s correct. In pursuit of this, we’ll take several slices at the subject.

The first slice today involves Republican author, Alan Skorski, whose new book, “Pants on Fire,” takes a look at Air America, the liberal talk show network.

John’s boralogue examines the history of how worldviews and how the antagonism of both liberals and conservatives has grown so great and why for the most part both sides talk past each other.


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