Thriving in Chaos


Quite a number of the world’s geopolitical trends are beginning to interact in both predictable and unpredictable ways. An essential skill will be learning to thrive in chaos.

Peak Oil poked its nose over the horizon during President Bush’s State of the Union message, with the President’s indication that America is addicted to oil. Somewhere in the next 12-24 months, peak oil will become public discussion on the mainline talkies and once the implications become obvious, there will be followed a market panic.

For a short time we’ll see a marriage between peak oil and global warming, followed by a horrible divorce. John devotes two segments of his boralogue to this relationship, running clips from various news sources.

Then we turn attention to the Middle East and the Hamas elections. Dr. Steve Carol, Ph.D., ( professor of Middle East history joins us. And, has the Hamas leopard dropped his spots so far? Jihad website monitor, Dr. Jeremy Reynalds, Ph.D., ( says, “No!” Hamas is still behaving online the way it always has.

Next week a debate is scheduled about the emerging attack inside evangelical churches against Christian Zionism and support for Israel. Opponents maintain that support of Israel makes life difficult for Christians in the Islamic world and fails to show love for the Arabs.


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