Range War in the West


Former Congressman Helen Chenowith-Hage is our featured guest today, detailing the history of government efforts to seize property from ranchers and farmers in the West and elsewhere. Core to this long saga has been the Pine Creek Ranch case.

Recent news stories said over 80 evangelical leaders had signed onto the Evangelical Climate Initiative to fight global warming. One problem: the initiative wasn’t drafted by Christians or evangelicals; it was drafted by radical leftist think tanks (among others), who then colored it with Christianese to sucker evangelicals into signing it. Paul Chesser wrote an op/ed piece on this for the American Spectator (www.paulchesser.com) and he joins us as guest.

Finally, John runs clips from a BBC5 interview with skeptical European environmentalist Bjorn Lomberg, showing what happens when global warming hysteria meets contradicting facts.

John’s boralogue examines why so many Americans act as if stupidity were a virtue when it comes to their lack of education. Rather than fixing the problem, they are “offended” when their ignorance surfaces.


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