Emergent Church and PC Thinking

The CFR script for a new process in the Middle East came into full play the last two weeks: Former President Jimmy Carter poked the hornet’s nest with his new book on the Israel/Palestine issue, coupled with a 3.5-hour interview on CSPAN. Then the Iraq Study Group published its recommendations for Middle East negotiations, with James Baker suggesting possibly leaving Israel out of it.

Finally President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair held a joint press conference on the new Iraq exit strategy. We’re still assessing all the data points so we’ll defer to a later program for a full analysis on the emerging situation.

The Emergent Church operates on the same principles as Purpose- Driven Churches but incorporates new items such as medieval meditation and spiritual formation programs. Either way, thousands of people are being ground up in their churches. We’ll look at defending your church from a takeover. Pastor Kevin Johnson from Perspective Underground (www.contender.org) joins us.

40 years of moral decay and psychologizing children in public schools coupled with political correctness in the psychiatric profession have taken a serious toll. Massive numbers of U.S.
college students suffer severe depression. Dr. Miriam Grossman, M.D., is a UCLA psychiatrist and author of the book, “Unprotected.”
She is demanding that the PC myths about promiscuous sex in her profession be stopped.

John’s boralogue analyzes the three phases of the “flying wedge”
being aimed at the evangelical church.

The Emerging Church – 165 min.

The Emerging Church – 165 min.This two hour and forty-five minute DVD takes a hard look into the beliefs and practices of what has become one of the most dangerous deceptions assaulting God’s people today – The Emergent Church.

Interviewed by John Loeffler, some of the church’s best apologists and authors address the players and doctrines (or lack of) of the Emergent Church movement.


Those interviewed are:

Pastor Gary Gilley (Pastor and Author)

  • The Emergent Church
  • Emergent views on Postmodernism
  • The deconstruction of scripture within the Emergent movement

Ray Yungen (Author and Speaker)

  • Contemplative/Centering prayer
  • The heretical teachings of Thomas Merton and their effect on today’s Emergent leaders
  • The New Age teachings and influence of Sue Monk Kidd

Johanna Michaelsen (Author and Speaker)

  • The occult infiltration into today’s professing church

Mike Oppenheimer (Author and Speaker)

  • The promotion and practice of Yoga within the Christian Church
  • Use of the Labyrinth
  • Jon Middendorf, the M7 Conference, and Wired Parish

Sandy Simpson (Author and Speaker)

  • Methods used by false teachers to deceive God’s people


Total run time: 2 hours 45 minutes.

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