Cultural Whiplash & Racism


Merry Christmas everyone.

We’re taking the weekend off but we’ve provided you with some interesting interviews.

Frivolous use of the term “racist” in politics is destroying free speech and rational debate, not to mention trashing Dr. Martin Luther King’s original dream of a color-blind society. A radical break in the public’s tolerance of this nonsense is sure to come as Dr. Patrick Garry, J.D., Ph.D, explains in his book “Cultural Whiplash, the Unforeseen Consequences of America’s Crusade Against racial Discrimination.”

Then career law enforcement professional Steve Doran revisits the show with an update on national security leaks at Los Alamos Laboratories. In addition, we discuss the growing tendency of cop shows on TV — both the reality and dramatic variety — to treat the Constitution as negligible as long as they claim “they’re getting the bad guys.”

No boralogue today.

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