The Assault on Free Speech


Congress is getting tired of alternative media telling you all sorts of things they wish you didn’t know about them. So, the Constitution be darned, they’re going to try to shut it down.

The show kicks off with an extended boralogue about Section 220 of Senate Bill 1, which classifies radio shows such as ours a lobbying group and requires massive amounts of paperwork every time we report on a political issue, fining us $50-100,000 if we don’t do it. We also cover several other congressional assaults on free speech, which are in the wings.

Then we examine the growing trend to mandate healthcare insurance and how this is leading us directly to nationalized healthcare by a back door route. James Landsbury from Samaritan Ministries ( joins us.

Although you’d never know it from public pronouncements, evolution as a theory touted as fact, is beginning to crack as more and more scientists realize that random chance cannot explain the complex development of living molecules and DNA coding. But, not to be daunted, they’re holding the finger in the dike until they can find a new non-deistic explanation it all caves in. Thomas Woodward, author of “Darwin Strikes Back,” joins us.

We already told you what the boralogue was about so get on with listening to the show. Good weekend.


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