The Fairness Doctrine


We seem to have dodged the “lethal” free speech bullet in Senate Bill One last week. Offending provisions have been stripped from both Senate and House versions of the bill. However, rumblings of the Fairness Doctrine are afloat, so it’s time we take a look at what that could mean to free speech on radio and the Internet.

Radio & TV broadcast veteran Tom Read from the American Christian Network in the Pacific Northwest joins us for a look at the previous effects of the Fairness Doctrine on talk radio.

With historical revision in full play in schools for over three decades, it’s hard for younger Americans to know what the country was like just 50 years ago and how free it truly was. Michael Solomon, author of “Where Did My America Go?” ( describes life growing up as a Jewish kid in an Italian neighborhood in the Bronx and how far America has strayed today.

John’s boralogue examines significant news fragments, including President Bush’s State of the Union address and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s testimony before the Senate last week.


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