Big Government, Big Business and You


Lots of blips moving around the world’s geopolitical radar screen, especially as the Middle East moves toward conflict or crisis later this year. All sides seem to be arming and preparing under the “CNN radar” as three U.S. battle groups move into the “harm’s way envelope” in the Persian Gulf.

In the world of Socialist Party (D) and Socialist Party (R), the myth that one party promotes big business and the other party combats it is, well, just a myth. Tim Carney, author of “The Big Ripoff – How Big Business and Big Government are Stealing your Money” ( joins us.

Then the outlook for pro-life issues in the new congress and the new supreme court. This long-running issue is heading towards to a great final legal showdown, which will permanently set the country’s position on this issue for time to come. Chris Slattery of  Expectant Mother Care ( is a guest in the second hour.

John produces an extended boralogue on the global geopolitical situation, especially examining the Security Conference, in Munich Germany last weekend, involving Russia and the latest attempt to start another intifada in Israel over alleged Temple Mount violations. As we said, many of the world’s intelligence sources are warning of a major conflict or crisis in the Middle East later this year.

Other than that, God is in his heaven, which is always a source of comfort in the midst of a chaotic life.


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