The Converging Chaos Window


Former Vice President Al Gore’s documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” scored an Oscar this week and global warming seems to be rising in an unstoppable crescendo of fervor. But given geo-economic events crossing the horizon, it may well turn be a swan song instead. The Fraser Institute ( in Canada executed an independent peer-review assessment of the IPCC climate change report, which is radically different than the doomsday crowing we hear in the mainline media. Nicholas Schneider joins us from Toronto.

February was Black History Month so we’ll look at the issue of racial reconciliation in the church: is it really an issue or just an extension of politically correct extending into churches? Ed Gilbreath from Christianity Today, author of “Reconciliation Blues”
joins us.

John’s boralogue focuses on the seemingly unrelated geopolitical trends converging on as collision course towards a common crisis point between 2009-2012. He calls it the “converging chaos window.”


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