Middle East Redux


Christ is risen.  He is risen indeed.

Tensions in the Middle East seem to have subsided this week with Iran returning the British soldier hostages and the dreaded attack on Iran seems to have fizzled, so far.

Even so, rumors of war remained strong in Israel through Passover, keeping their military on alert.  All sides seem to sense that something may break loose this year and are making preparations to maximize their positions if it does.

We’ll look at the new Palestinian government amalgam of Hamas and Fatah.  Western journalists are having all their rosy-glass viewpoint of the Palestinian side of issues dashed by this new government.  Gilead Ini from CAMERA (www.camera.org) joins us.

Then Suzanne Venker, author of “Seven Myths of Working Mothers,” joins us to stress that the feminist doctrine that women can have careers and children at the same time has proven disastrous for families.

John does an extended boralogue on the history of tolerance, emphasizing how its latest form is being used to distinguish “healthy churches” from “unhealthy churches.”  Healthy churches, according to secularism, are those which engage in communitarian group think using dialectic dialogue.


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