Print Media on Life Support


So many things are buzzing, it’s hard to stay on the “perspective” track we began last week.  Nevertheless….

In more and more homes, newspapers arrive at the front door only to pile up unopened and unread until they go out the back door, right into the recycle bin. People are obtaining news from multiple sources on the internet and alternative media, leaving newspapers with financial problems.  The entire face of media is changing, affecting our lives and how we do things from politics to church.  Mike Malone (, former editor of Forbes ASAP magazine, is also author of “Bill & Dave:  How Hewlett and Packard built the World’s Greatest Company.”

John’s boralogue is extended today to cover events in the Middle East, notably the 59th anniversary of the founding of Israel and the 40th anniversary of the June, 1967 war.

The show rounds out with important news stories.


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