Vietnam POWs – Still Alive, Still Captive


It’s June and we’re entering the summer season of perspective interviews rather than news chasing.

Amid years of suspicion that US POWs were left behind in Vietnam, “An Enormous Crime, the Definitive Account of American POWs Abandoned in Southeast Asia,” has been published, revealing numerous government documents supporting this contention as well hard evidence that many may still be alive in captivity today. Co-author and former Congressman Bill Hendon (R-NC) ( joins us.

What exactly is going on inside the Republican Party?  Dr. Charles Dunn, Ph.D., authored, “The Future of American Conservatism,” about which he joins us during the second hour.  Dr. Dunn is dean of the Robertson School of Government at Regent University.

John’s boralogue examines some hidden assumptions in items discussed during presidential debates this week, including the falling definition of rich people, which is crashing right down into the middle class, who are expected to bear the burden the newly proposed social programs.  If you think healthcare costs you now, wait until it’s “free.”


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