She Was Right


It’s potpourri day on the program today.

Several years ago, women’s journalist Annie Jacobson wrote a book describing a flight where a group of Middle Eastern men acted as if they intended to hijack a plane she was on. Homeland Security virulently ridiculed her claims but now formerly classified documents show she was right; it was a dry run for an attack.

We also devote two segments to an update on the Middle East, particularly what is happening in Gaza and the West Bank. The western media are playing down the vicious inter-Arab violence and war crimes being committed, because is has become an embarrassment when they’ve media who have maintained the line that Israel is the cause of the Palestinians’ problems.

John also shows how President Bush’s true colors are emerging in his last 500 days in office since he doesn’t have to obtain reelection and the Republicans are distancing themselves from him.

Finally, a conversation with Mark Proffitt (, who was fired under his company’s zero tolerance policy because he allegedly made a threat. It was a cascade of politically correct errors, which reveal how consensus and group think is ruining American business.

John’s boralogue examines the latest court determination that the president does not have authority to strip US citizens of their constitutional rights simply by declaring them enemy combatants.


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