The Founding of Religious Freedom


Happy Canada Day to Canadian listeners.  Happy Fourth of July to Americans later this week.

Our daughter is being wed today so we’re taking the day off, since John and Carol are father and mother of the bride respectively. But, never fear, you’re not on your own as we pre-recorded a program.

You’ve heard us rant and rave how history has been rewritten by academics to match their politically correct, secularist ideals. Moreover government agencies in charge of our nation’s monuments are now deliberately expunging the role of religion in the nation’s founding.

Secularists would like you to believe America was the product of the French Enlightenment, but in 1812 Alexis de Toqueville visited the U.S. to find out why the American revolution was so different its French counterpart.  He found that America’s religious beliefs were at the core.  The French revolution rested on anti-religious atheism, but the American revolution was profoundly religious.

Pastor Jim Alter from Grace Baptist Church in Sidney, Ohio, ( speaks on this subject.  He joins us to narrate the history of Christianity and Judaism in the original colonies and the role they faith played in establishing religious freedom in America.


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