Stealing Government by Stealthy Steps


Security and Prosperity Partnership meetings are slated for August in Quebec between Canada, Mexico and the U.S. but for some reason the public isn’t welcome.  It’s instructive to compare the stepped process which formed the European Union and the identical process currently forming the SPP.  Dr. Richard North, PhD, author of “The Great Deception, Can the European Union Survive?” guests from England for the first part of the program.

Imagine the howling from hate-watching organizations if Christians wore neo-Nazi Adolf Hitler T-Shirts saying, “Uncle Adolf — It was Great While it Lasted.”   But why then are Che Guevara T-Shirts so chic among the left, given the thousands the man slaughtered in Cuba?  Humberto Fontova, author of “Exposing the Real Che Guevara and the Useful Idiots Who Idolize Him,” guests in this segment. This is a new series of “progressive foibles” vignettes, about the intrinsic self-contradictions of radical leftists.

John’s boralogue surveys current issues around the world.


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